Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2012


Workers Memorial Day was made an official day by the government in 2010.  Will you be attending a local event on 28th April?


How much do you know about Workplace Health and Safety in Great Britain?


1. How many workers were killed in work-related incidents at work 2010/11?

a) 171                             b) 12,000                        c) over 1,000                            d) 250


2. What percentage of deaths and major injuries are due to poor management of health and safety?

a) 2%                                       b)10%                            c) 100%                         d) over 70%


3. How many workers die each year from work-related illnesses caused by, for example,  exposure to chemicals, dusts, carcinogens such as asbestos, stress from long hours of work, overwork bullying and harassment ?

a) 10,000                        b) 20,000                        c) 50,000                        e) 171


4. Where does Great Britain come in a league table on occupational health and safety performance amongst OECD countries?

a) 30/34                         b) 1/34                           c) 10/34                d) 20/34

5. DWP Minister Chris Grayling published ‘Good Health and Safety: Good for Everyone’ in March 2011, banning 33% of proactive inspections in ‘low risk’ workplaces.  What sort of workplaces are now classified as ‘low risk’?

 a) Agriculture                  b) Quarries                      Docks                    c) Manufacturing

6. The HSE average death rate for all workplaces is 0.5 per 100,000, what is the death rate in the Docks (now classified as low hazard)?

a) over 5 x the average   b) the average       c) 2 x the average     d) well below average

7. What is the real risk of a worker dying because of work (illness and incident)?

a) Less than winning the lottery     b) 1 in 100        c) 1 in a million      d) 1 in 200,000

8. How many workers in were suffering work-related ill-health in 2010/11

a) 1.9 million                   b) 15 million          c) 50,000              d) 500,000

9. How much does poor workplace health and safety cost society?

a) £20- £40 million                    b) £20-40 billion              c) £20,000-40,000         d) £1 million

10. What percentage of that cost is borne by employers?

a) less than 25%             b) over 75%                             c) 100%                d) about 5%

11 Who bears the biggest cost burden of poor health and safety?

a) workers & their families       b) the state  c) taxpayers d) employers?